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Instant Soups

It is possible to obtain a high percentage of macronutrients and micronutrients from instant soup mixes. Instant soup powder is easy to cook and eat with several advantages, such as its flavour stability over a long period of time at room temperature and its resistance to any kind of spoilage. Tests are performed on instant soup mixtures to determine their sensory characteristics, such as appearance, thickness, flavour, creaminess, and colour. Upon approval, the powder mixtures are packaged. Available under the brand- Knorr, the instant soups can be availed in flavours, like sweet corn, tomato and mix vegetable.

Knorr Mix Vegetable Soup

We supply Knorr Mix Vegetable Soup all India
Price: 136 INR/Kilograms

Knorr Sweet Corn Soup

We supply Knorr Sweet Corn Soup all India
Price: 148 INR/Kilograms